Danish government refuses to ban boy circumcision: Way harder to agree about than FGM.

The issues concerning circumcision of boys and girls have globally been treated very differently. Circumcision of girls is being battled by organisations like UNFPA.

Denmark has been the first country to suggest a ban but has now dropped the sensitive topic.

By Nanna Cecilie Madsen

Socialdemokratiets group leader, Flemming Møller Mortensen, determines according to TV2, that the party is against religious circumcision, but won’t make a ban out of consideration for the Jews in Denmark and the medical safety.

No country has ever tried to get an international ban of boy circumcision, and it isn’t illegal in any country. Boy circumcision is way harder to make political agreements about, even the health aspect has been a topic, many claiming health benefits. Denmark has therefore been the first country to discuss a direct ban but has now dropped it. 

Female circumcision, or as it is called female genital mutilation. (FGM) has on the other hand been banned in great parts of the world, in Denmark since 2003. United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA,) works with issues concerning FGM, which is recognized as a violation of human rights, with huge health risks and consequences. According to UNFPA who currently works in 17 countries, more than 200 million girls alive today have experienced some form of FGM.

Read more about FGM at UNFPA.dk