World champion in expensive coffee

The Danes drink a lot of coffee, even though the capital is the most expensive place in the world to buy a cappuccino. 

By Amanda Frisk and Katrine Petersen

Sunshine hit the blond hair of the danes sitting outside the cafe, Gavlen. There is less light inside, and a candle flickers as coffee enthusiasts enter. The cafe is an eclectic haven of both a modern industrial style and a danish farmhouse feel, which reveals the fact that it has existed since 1923. 

In 2019 Copenhagen got the title as the most expensive place to buy a cappuccino in the world, according to a report by Deutsche bank.

The price averages around $ 6,3 with Dubai and Hong Kong as the runner ups. Denmark has been the running champion since 2018, where the price was even higher. 

It doesn’t seem to bother the people in the crowded cafe. Denmark is the fourth most coffee drinking country in the world, and especially Copenhageners prefer to buy their coffee from cafes like Gavlen.