Copenhagen chairwoman ready to ban electric scooters

By Simon B. Porse

In the Copenhagen local government, the chairwoman of the Technical and Environmental Administration, Ninna Hedeager Olsen, is ready to ban rentable electrical scooters.

The two-wheeled vehicles, which the previous years have taken European cities by storm, litter the streets and pose a risk in the daily traffic of the city, she says.

“The scooters have caused great frustrations for copenhageners, as they have been blocking sidewalks and bikelanes for a year and a half, creating dangerous situations for both cyclists and pedestrians,” the chairwoman writes in a press-release.

While her party, the Red Green Alliance, and the Socialist Peoples Party support extensive limitations on the rentable scooters, several parties are less willing.

Local governments around Europe have been handling the issue differently.

In the UK, a trial-project is now in place, after formerly having issued a nationwide ban on the vehicles, whereas in Oslo, Norway, authorities have taken it upon themselves to remove any abandoned e-scooters – and making the companies themselves pay for it.

On Monday 14th, local government is meeting to discuss the proposition and consider the possibilities on how to handle the e-scooters.