Community station MMH radio closes

The community radio station MMH radio closed at the end of august after running for 3,5 years. A hard decision, as it was a platform and space for a diverse upcoming group of musicians.

by Janet Iroezi

Nørrebro, the most diverse district of Copenhagen, is a vibrant cultural melting pot with a lot of independent restaurants and shops. Until the end of last month the radio station MMH Radio was located there. MMH Radio was founded by Malika Mahmoud in December 2016 as a way of showcasing the movement of underground music and the diversity of it. They featured and supported all kind of genres and vibes. Throughout the week local and international DJs or music collectors from different backgrounds played their music. Especially for young and upcoming artist MMH radio provided a platform.

The radio station, being an independent community radio, had to be financially self-sufficient. Most of the radio hosts volunteered and contributed to MMH Radio in their free time. They generated some income by selling merchandise and hosting parties.

Now, after three and a half years of running, this project reached a point where in order to continue the radio station needed to undergo drastic changes. “we didn’t have the resources to keep going as we did both regarding money and time”, Malika Mahmoud states. It was not an easy decision to make, but they wanted to preserve the original nature of the radio station.

MMH Radio decided to keep their mixcloud, so you can still listen to past radio shows.