An oasis in the concrete jungle

From Raj Paul Ghusar and Ilka Dorothea Schnelle

The smell of damp woods hangs in the air as you enter the little forest. While following the narrow path, you pass bees buzzing around an insect hotel and chicken scratching in the dirt. Wooden cabins emerge from the green wilderness. You can easily forget that you are right next to the train tracks in the middle of Copenhagen.

The path leading to BaneGaarden

In this magical place, the restaurant “BaneGaarden” opened its doors last week. The name translates directly to train station and is a homage to the way the cabins have been used in the past. The train company “Danske Statsbaner” used to store and dry wood there to build wagons. Now, it is a spot to learn about sustainability and enjoy organic food. The manager Klara Lyby, 26, said: “We believe that we live in a green world and need to move people into a green direction.” In order to achieve that, there are workshops and other events like book releases besides food and beverages.