¡Cheers for Denmark! “Another round” receives Oscar Nominations for Best International Film along with Best Director for Thomas Vinterberg

By Isidora Hernández.

Image of the movie “Another Round” or “Druk”, 2020.

The last time the Academy nominated Denmark for Best International film was in 2016 (Land of Mine, Martin Zandvliet). Today, almost 5 years later Denmark received its thirteenth nomination for “Another Round” or “Druk” if it wins it could be the fourth win for the nordic country in this category.

“It is not big news that a Danish film is nominated for an Oscar in the foreign category. Gabriel Axel’s ‘Babettes gæstebud’ (1988), Bille August’s ‘Pelle Erobreren’ (1989) og Susanne Bier’s ‘Hævnen’ (2011) did all win” says Morten Vejlgaard Just, who is a Danish film critic. And he is not wrong, a nomination for the film in this category was expected, both for the public and the international critics, since its official selection for the Cannes Film Festival in 2020 and especially after its successful campaign through the award season.

The big surprise was the nomination of the movie’s director Thomas Vinterberg in the category of Best Director. Vinterberg had already one nomination for his film “The Hunt” in 2013, but this is his first individual nomination for Best Director. Other foreign filmmakers like Bong Joon-ho (South Korea), Alfonso Cuarón (Mexico) and Pawel Pawlikowski (Poland) have also received this honour, which is very rare.

“I think that Druk will win the Oscar because of Vinterberg’s personal nomination which will give him a momentum. But he will not win as a director – that seldom happens without a nomination in the main category – Best picture – as it was the case with Korean movie Parasite in 2020” states the film critic. In an interview with Indiewire Vinterberg said: “I had hopes, but no expectations…It was a great relief. But Best Director was a total surprise, which elevated the day into a sense of ecstasy”.

“Another Round” is a dark comedy, it stars Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen and follows the story of four high school teachers and their extravagant liquor experiment that pretends to demonstrate that the proper degrees of alcohol can cause an expansion of the mind and intellect. The film is distributed by Nordisk Films and produced by Zentropa, also funded by the state of Denmark “Which funds about 25 to 30 Danish movies every year” according to Vejlgaard Just.

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Sources: Morten Vejlgaard Just, morten@filmz.dk, Phone: 6168 2302. Twitter: @vejlgaardjust.

We expect an update in this article, we are waiting for Kasper Dissing’s response, he is one of the two producers of “Druk”, he said he would respond. kasper.dissing@filmbyen.dk.