Flea-markets in Copenhagen; fashion and sustainable

Last Sunday Copenhagen’s City Hall Square held a second-hand street market from 9:00 to 17:00 with many low-priced vintage and antique products.

Sara Seremet and her colleague selling their items in front of the City Hall Building last Sunday. // CREDIT: Maia Galmés Feuer

By Maia Galmés Feuer

Last Sunday, Copenhagen’s City Hall Square held a pop-up flea market with approximately 12-15 different stalls where people sold their unwanted belongings. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, furniture and all kinds of antiques were traded for relatively small amounts of money so as to fulfill the vender’s purpose by getting rid of something, and the buyer’s purpose by acquiring exclusive and unique articles for fair prices. According to Sara Seremet, a young Copenhagen local who stood behind a plastic table and a black clothing rack with a friend from 9:00 to 17:00 to sell clothing that she didn’t use anymore, second-hand markets “are a good form of motivation to get rid of things that you don’t use, which can sometimes be kind of hard, by earning a bit of extra cash”.

Flea-markets are not only about low-cost and exclusive vintage commerce, but also about being sustainable and green in the context of capitalist-based countries. Items are not used and thrown out, but re-sold and given to a new owner so as to serve their purpose for a longer time, and that does not only affect the aesthetic image of Copenhagen, but also its sustainable one.

Target audience:

This story is written for a rather Young or young-adult audience outside and also inside Copenhagen, and could be published on any newspaper or online newspaper/magazine.