Unseen Copenhagen: The Ghetto Markets.

written by Sam Shaw on 03/10/21

The capital of Denmark is a very progressive and clean city, and this is seen through the clean streets and happy people. The city blends new and old seamlessly, with the waterfront architecture showing off the very best of this. Overall, life as a resident is good.

Or so it would seem. To paint everybody with the same brush here would be missing the mark by a long way, as for every person leading a happy and “hygge” filled life there is an odd one out, a piece of the puzzle that just doesn’t fit into the pretty picture Copenhagen has created for itself.

Iacob is one of these pieces of the puzzle. He lives and works within the “ghetto” of Copenhagen, an outdated term to describe the poorer area of the city. These ghettos can be found in most big cities, and on the surface many seem like perfectly nice places to be. But you don’t need to go far to find people just like Iacob, struggling to make a life.

Photographer: Sam Shaw

Iacob, 41, selling electronic goods from the floor outside Norrebro station

“The government do not help, we just have to get by”, Iacob told me before becoming aggressive and dismissive of me. It was clear that the people selling there were not a fan of the media.

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you can watch the dramatic scenes Iacob has to put up with here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWEAQAP-hjU