2021, what a year for Copenhagen

2021, the year for Copenhagen!

The Nyhavn neighborhood of Copenhagen. // CREDIT: Olivia Williams

By Olivia Williams

It comes after Copenhagen was announced fourth in the world’s best cities, topped the list for best cities of quality of life and ranked highest in the safest cities index.

Copenhagen local, Lars Stokholm and his wife Annea says “We were both born and raised in Copenhagen, and we love the city, it is perfect and a very happy place”

The world’s best cities ranking was out of 27,000 international cities and is said that Copenhagen excelled in categories such as being environmentally green and, of course, bike infrastructure.

“The markets at City Square are such a successful way to get youngsters to come and re use and recycle what we would throw away, and it’s great fun.”

Overall quality of life also gained an outstanding performance in that ranking, but too topped a separate list, the Monocles list of best cities for quality of life. This is now the fourth time the Danish capital has been presented with this award.

To top off the year of winning, Copenhagen has now been named the ‘world’s safest city’, according to the Safe Cities Index 2021.

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