World Press Photo Day

By Olivia Williams

One week into the 64th World Press Photo Exhibition held in Copenhagen and people are not disappointed.

The World Press Photo Exhibition, that begun on the 23rd of September and ends the 17th of October, is an international tour journey, show casing photography from winners.

Some of the award-winning art displays at the exhibition – Part 1. // CREDIT: Olivia Williams

So far, thousands of people, from all different countries and ages have been to the exhibition.

Teacher, Stephen Whittle, says “This is a fantastic exhibition and is a really great way to get the kids looking into something deeper and understanding the story behind things”.

The art shown is divided into categories such as environment, long-term projects, portraits and more. Each category has a winner; however, the contest also has an overall winner. This year that honour went to Mads Nissen, with his photo ‘The First Embrace’, which shows the first hug a woman had received in five months, due to the pandemic.

Some of the award-winning art displays at the exhibition – Part 2. // CREDIT: Olivia Williams

“Photos like this you don’t see in the media, so coming here gives you the opportunity to learn about people all over the world and see their stories, stories that would never make the news”.

Target Audience:

This story is written for art enthusiasts across the world not just in Europe.