Art hidden in the bricks of Copenhagen

Itsaso Jauregui

Hugo Hannibal, a self-taught sculptor, is opening a new exhibition in Copenhagen along with 17 other artists.

Galleri Hugo from the inside (Picture taken by Itsaso Jauregui)

The Danish sculptor will present his works at the exhibition called Red Carpet on 18 October in Helligåndshuset, Copenhagen. After a career in business, he struck the artistic line 20 years ago and he opened his store called Galleri Hugo only one year ago, where he sells sculptures made with bricks he finds around Copenhagen. When talking about the inspiration of his work the artist explains: “For many years I had two bricks in my house and I didn’t want to throw them away because I liked to see them and one day I thought: what can I do with them?”

That’s when Hugo Hannibal started to look for bricks, preferably from historic buildings, ruins and churches, breaking them up and decorating them with glass. He prefers to work alone and he doesn’t plan how the sculpture has to look before starting to work on it. However, the origin of the bricks is extremely important to the Danish artist: “Each stone has its own story, meaning that I know where they are coming from”.

Galleri Hugo from the outside (Picture taken by Itsaso Jauregui)

This story is written for an international audience who might be visiting Copenhagen in the next few weeks and who are interested in art and sculpture. It could be published in The New Yorker