IPC Press Briefing – the Faroe Island problem.

Written by Sam Shaw on 03/10/21

The Faroes have been a hot topic to the international press lately. Politicians and animal rights activists from across Europe have been heavily criticizing the most recent Faroese “Grind.” The “Grind” is a yearly event in the Faroes that sees the Faroese hunters and fishers killing a large amount of sea mammals, the focus being on the Pilot whales local to the shores. But this year, the hunt came under fire for the large amount of whales killed.

The IPC press briefing, Skaale addressing Faroese issues (mid-right) Photographer: Sam Shaw

This was a hot topic for MP Sjúrður Skaale, a member of the Social Democrat party from The Faroe Islands. Skaale was questioned at the Copenhagen IPC press briefing after his initial presentation upon Faroese issues, with questions from many independent foreign freelancers. The initial argument given was the main problem that this was just part of Faroese tradition and that the “animals do not suffer”, but the tone changed with further questioning where Skaale told the press “it was disturbing to see the whales rotting on the beach, as it took a long time to prepare such an amount.” 

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