Urban House: Charge €4 Extra for a Being Girl

The Urban House hostel in the City Centre of Copenhagen, charge €4 extra for women who request an ‘only girls’ room’, yet this service is not in place for men.

Urban House Hostel, located in City Centre of Copenhagen. // CREDIT – Daragh Ramage

By Daragh Ramage

The Urban House, located in the City Centre of Copenhagen is extremely well priced and a popular choice, however, they insist on a €4 charge fee if a woman requests to have an only-girls room – yet this service is not in place for men.

The receptionist at the Urban House, Paoulna Goluch, confirmed this rule is in place, as she stated, “Yes we offer a 6-dorm room that is only meant for girls and not giving for men.’’

Meininger Hotels (the company owners), provide this service in all of their 30 hostels, in 20 different countries, that are based across Europe.

Urban House notices that an all-girls room are wanted, and they provide it as they see the uncomfortable issue of strangers living together and of the opposite sex. Paoulna states why Meininger created this service.

“Hostels are the cheapest option for many, especially for young people, and the young girls travelling should have their right to feel safe.’’ Receptionist, Paoulna Goluch said.

However, the Urban House rise the issue of equality within the genders. As men are not offered this service and are not made to pay more if they were to request an ‘all-boys room’, why is this? Goluch comments on the matter.

“Men don’t typically care who is in their room and for girls it just makes sense to account for their safety, all girls’ rooms do get fully booked out and we would never put 1 girl in a 9-bedroom dorm filled with men, that’s just how it is.’’ Goluch says.

Jeffrey JOH, guest, staying at the hostel comments his opinion on the matter by saying, “Most men don’t care at all who we are sharing with and honestly men would rather stay with girls, so not having the service doesn’t bother me.’’

The safety and security thought process behind this has proven why the service is in place. As Jeffrey says, “It makes perfect sense why girls would want an only girls’ room, they have more concerns when staying with guys that are strangers, but it’s not right the hotel are profiting off females’ safety.’’

Paoulna added, “Yes we make money from it, but we have not had any complaints about the service or about charging women.’’

The dormitory accommodates up to 10 people per every hostel booked room. 

Jeffery JOH, customer, and guest at the Urban House and staying in a bed 10 bed dorm, stated, “I typically pick a hostel for the cheapness, and here I believe what I paid for is what I got, it’s small but liveable for a few days”. 

“10 people rooms are a lot but are common and convenient for larger groups and it means you get to meet new people.’’ Receptionist, Paoulna Goluch said.

The prices differ depending on the time of year, what is happening in Copenhagen and the party size. For a 6 night stay it cost three people €393 all together, and only €131 each.

“The cheap and cheerful living helps when being a tourist in an expensive city like Copenhagen’’, says Jeffrey JOH, a guest staying at the Urban House.

Due to be located within the City Centre of Copenhagen’s ‘bustling’s Vesterbro district’ and only 100 metres from the bus and train station, it is a popular choice for a weekend away in the capital of Denmark.

Guest JOH “didn’t realise it’d be this busy through the weekdays, I can’t find my own space to just sit.’’ He mentioned.

“We are fully booked, the moment corona left Denmark bookings haven’t stopped.’’ Paoulna added.

The Urban House hostels are a popular choice of staycation; its typical for solo travellers or groups who seek adventures and culture learnings in new places around Europe.

Infographic – Urban House Hostel Copenhagen by Daragh Ramage