Greenlandic politician says the island need a discussion on foreign affairs

At the International Press Centre in Copenhagen, two representatives from Greenland discuss the issues concerning Greenland and foreign affairs. 

Aaja Chemnitz Larsen (to the left) says that they need to talk more about foreign affairs in Greenland. Photo: Fredrik Holtekjølen.

Written by: Fredrik Holtekjølen.

Aaja Chemnitz Larsen, a representative in the Danish Government from Greenland, states that Greenland has become interesting to foreign powers.  

“Greenland is open for business, but not for sale as we said when Donald Trump wanted to buy Greenland in 2019”, says Chemnitz Larsen.  

A shift

However, something happened after the former president wanted to buy Greenland. Greenland was no longer an outpost in the north, but suddenly seen as a strategic position in the world.  

“Greenland plays a key role when it comes to foreign affairs. The US, China and Russia are interested in a relationship with us. There is no doubt that we need to have a discussion back in Greenland. Who are our friends, where should we go?” she adds.  

Looking back on the incident, Chemnitz Larsen wonder what if she had said yes when the journalists ask her if she wanted the US to buy the island: 

“I had a strong gut feeling for saying no, but what if I said yes? Therefore, we need to have this discussion”. 

This article is aimed at US readers espescially. News outlet: The Guardian.