Copenhagen: to visit and stay.

Copenhagen’s quality of life has resulted in being ranked one of the top best cities to live; as it’s safe, clean and a beautiful place to explore. 

Picture of Nyhavn Canal // CREDIT – Daragh Ramage

By Daragh Ramage

“I lived here for two years on exchange and keep coming back to visit.’’ Traveller, Jeffrey JOH from San Francisco, USA said.

Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital city, proves to be one the best liveable and happiest places in Europe; due to its short working week, safe streets, good healthcare, and public transport services that balance with excellent cycling infrastructure.

“The liveability is very important, and I think that is because we promote Copenhagen to be the best city for tourists and the locals…each feel the same atmosphere.’’ Danish Citizen, Jonas Løveschall Wedel said.

The beautiful city means locals and visitors can enjoy all the Scandinavian ways of life whilst feeling safe. Jonas Løveschall Wedel says, “Copenhagen is ranked first on the best and most bicycle city and we use that a lot on attracting people here to have a good and safe time.’’

Danish citizens confirm they are proud to live in a city that was ranked fourth in Europe and the world Jonas Løveschall Wedel, confirms by stating, “We defiantly pride ourselves with it.’’