Copenhagen: The Success of their Annual Flea Market

Hundreds of people attend the Copenhagen second-hand flea markets, due to being the ‘best flea-markets’ in Scandinavia. Individuals can sell any product from homemade vases and jewellery to worn shoes.

CPH Flea-Market, located at Town Square // CREDIT – Daragh Ramage

By Daragh Ramage

Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen, hosted the annual ‘Rãdhuspladsen Flea Market’ on the 26th of September 2021, it allows Danish residents to sell their items free of charge. 

Stand owner and Danish Citizen, Sara Seremet, spoke about how easy it was to apply for a stand to sell her belongings, she stated, “I seen the event posted on Facebook and went onto the website ‘’ to register and apply, and that was it.’’

Flea markets are beneficial for those who are looking for bargains or to see and learn the local culture and lifestyle. Also, for the stand owners to sell their unwanted products and make money.

“2/3 of the items of clothing I brought here this morning have already been sold”, Sara confirmed.

Held in the Centre of Copenhagen, at the Town Square, in front of the Københavns Rådhus – Copenhagen City Hall, made it an easily accessible place for all to attend.

Flea Market Video by Cliodhna Hogan and Daragh Ramage