Copenhagen: Why ‘Mounted’ Police Forces are the New Thing

The Danish Police department, in Copenhagen, use ‘mounted’ strategies to ‘keep the peace in the streets.’ Whilst being a small authority, they make a big difference.

Mounted Authorities in CPH // CREDIT – Daragh Ramage

By Daragh Ramage and Cliodhna Hogan

“People respect the horses more because they’re much scarier, so it keeps us safer than being on the ground’’, Police Assistant, Kristen Madsen stated.

The Danish Mounted Police Department and their horses are highly respected for keeping the citizens safe during the day and at night.

“We ride several horses a day and each horse will be on duty for 2 to 3 hours’’, Police Bentjent, Lasse Melchiorsen, said whilst sitting on top of Figo – his third horse of the day.

The Danish Mounted Forces were only reintroduced back in 2019 meaning they are still a small authority and seek any horse with any trainable background to give a home to.

“We have 16 horses at base now, but we accept any horses people offer to us from all over the world, we give them a new home and train them, so they are suitable for the job.’’ Police Bentjent, Lasse Melchiorsen says.