Danish church founds English congregation

The Copenhagen-based church Eliaskirken on Vesterbro has decided to try something new. The priest William Salicath has started an English-speaking congregation.

Written by Daniel Tidemann

For a lot of foreigners Denmark and the Danish people are from the outside seen as a folk hard to get to know. William Salicath, priest of Eliaskirken on Vesterbro wants to stamp out this stereotype and has started doing English worship. Thus the project is only a couple of months old and the services have had a high attendance, says Salicath.

“Our services are very popular amongst expats, foreign students and people married to a dane. It has always been an important matter to us, to embrace diversity in any way we can so we are happy to see a lot of different faces in the church.

Salicath is hoping to bring this project out to the whole country so other priests in other parts of Denmark might do something similar. 

“One part of this project is network-oriented so therefore we hope that the project might spread out to other parts of Denmark”.

This story is written for a foreign audience who is planning to go to Denmark in a longer span of time. Could be published on TheLocal.dk