Greenland’s struggle of identity

written by Marie Groß

Almost 70 years after the end of the colony and the achievement of autonomy, the Greenlanders still have difficulties to find a common identity.

The search for a collective identity has proved to be a challenging problem for many former colonies, including the former colony of Denmark: Greenland.

The Greenlandic politician Aki-Matilda Høegh-Dam recognizes the problem in the fact that especially many young inhabitants are to be found in many different subcultures. In the youth, for example, there are people who look Greenlandic but do not speak the language, or the other way around. However, she also mentions that especially young people aim to overcome this separation and try to come together and connect with each other.

Also Aiaa Chemnitz Larsen. Another Greenlandic politician, who holds one of the two Greenlandic seats in the Danish parliament, describes what she wants quite clearly: “Nothing about us without us”. Because, as she puts it, by making its own decisions, a nation can develop together.

With the start of the new parliamentary year next Tuesday, it remains to be seen to what extent Greenlandic politicians will tackle this problem.