Copenhagen hosts the World Press Photo

The World Press Photo exhibition, now in Copenhagen. The Politiken building hosts this year winning photos, until the 17th October.

Winning photo, taken by a Danish photographer Mads Nissen, pictures a hug between staff and a nursing home resident. In Brazil, where this photo was taken, nursing homes were using a plastic wall that enabled people to hug and touch without a risk of spreading Covid-19.

The exhibition pictures events of the last year and makes the visitor reflect and realize how much actually happened. From big fires all over the world, refugee camps, nature disasters or human rights violations.

15 countries in the world will host the World Press Photo. Currently, the photos can be seen live in 10 cities all over the worlds, including Dortmund, Budapest, Kusatsu, Tirana and Copenhagen. Exhibition will be displayed in more countries later this year. 

World Press Photo exhibition in Copenhagen