By singing together against the war in Ukraine

While war rages in Ukraine, other countries are holding demonstrations to criticize the Russian invasion. One such event took place on 9 March in the Danish capital. Dozens of singers and musicians from all over Denmark showed their support for Ukraine via music in Copenhagen. 

by Alena Harciníková and Camila Soumastre

“Ukraine has not yet perished. Luck will still smile on us brother Ukrainians.” This is part of the Ukrainian anthem, which was played around 2 p.m. in front of the Ukrainian Embassy. You don’t have to understand the anthem, because even from the expressions of those singing it, you can feel the compulsive need to stand up to Russia’s actions. 

The promoter, Harold Thalange, admits that this is the first event he has ever organized. „I was very anxious the first week of the invasion. Then I began to think what I could do from my position. I didn’t want to just sit there and read the terrible news,” he said. So, he decided to organize this event. “I wrote to my friends, and they said they will help. Then I’ve put it on the group for singers in Copenhagen and people started to join, “he adds. After he created a Facebook event, people from all over Denmark started contacting him. Over three hundred people signed up. 

Harold Thalange, the organiser

For Harold, the events in Ukraine also have a personal dimension. “My family is Czech, and they spend much of the 20th century having to leave their country – multiple times in some cases – and when I remember how horrible it was for them, I don’t want anyone else to have to experience it too,” he adds.

What is happening in Ukraine is shaking the whole of Europe. Over eighty singers gathered in front of the Ukrainian Embassy. One of the participants handed out printed sheet music of the Ukrainian anthem and song written to support Ukraine. This was followed by a minute of silence for all the victims of the war in Ukraine. The crowd then moved on to the Russian Embassy where both songs were sung again.

According to Anna Sofie, a singer from Copenhagen, taking part in this event is the least she could do in such a situation. “Standing here in front of Russian embassy singing the Ukrainian anthem can sent a strong message,” she said. When asked if she thinks Denmark is doing enough to help Ukraine, she answers uncertainly: “I think we are, as a Denmark, doing great things to help Ukraine and I honestly don’t know what we can do more from here.” 

However, Julia Bielefeld, a vocal student, has a different opinion. “There is always more you can do in the war, or you can just never do enough. On the other hand, you also have to think about people from your own country and the position you are in. But you can always do something even if it’s a small thing like singing a song,” concludes our conversation.

Denmark, like other EU countries, has imposed sanctions on Russia. On 3 March, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen also announced a triple humanitarian aid package. Denmark received a request from Ukraine for assistance in the form of medicines, medical equipment and the possibility of Danish hospital beds. The Danish government has processed the request and has so far allocated DKK 50 million. DKK.

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