CYKELKOKKEN: 20 years with a restaurant on two wheels

When Morten Kryger Wulff converted an old cargo bike into a mobile kitchen twenty years ago, he had no idea what will be the consequences. Fun became a passion and later a constant occupation. Today, he enjoys his kitchen facilities, preparing for rides and training other bicycle chefs.

“The entire idea is based on sustainability. You have a bicycle and local organic products,” Morten says and adds how the ride goes:

“We give positive energy to the city by coming and being twenty minutes there and there. When curious people are around the place we are, they are more than welcome to join and taste a social event. We talk about this city – urban planning, sustainable living, bicycle culture, cooking, and lots of scenes we can put in this adventure which last four and half hours,” say the Bicycle Chef. He believes that you are well taken care of after four and half hours – with good food, some drinks (during the tour with non-alcoholic wine and after with wine and beer) and especially by many lovely stories.

Such an experience also depends on the food quality, which reflects on the price. Morten knows it: “Most of my clients are business to business. Those companies need a new adventure that is a little bit like teambuilding, but you can also take a ride through the city with me.” For that, he also offers opportunities with flexible prices: “If some students asked me to give them the discount and I have a time, I would do that.”

by Maren Krämer and Stanislav Hodina