Culture festival in Denmark – K7 attracting young people with free tickets

Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen – Photo by Olivia Roman

Young people in Copenhagen flock to museums this week using their free K7-ticket. ‘I’ve never seen so many young people here’, says Camilla Rathsach, who works behind the ticket counter at Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen.

By Anton Dahl Andersen and Olivia Roman

K7 is a Danish, nationwide culture festival running from the 12th to the 18th of September. During this week, more than 160 museums have opened their doors and granted free admittance for under-27 year olds. One of these museums is Rosenborg Castle, an old royal palace in Copenhagen.

Alba Ramirez Thorborg and Freja Olkjær live close to Rosenborg, but rarely visit the castle.

‘It’s great that we have the ability to try something new for free’, says Alba. She was 6, when she last visited Rosenborg.

Freja agrees, and points out that cultural institutions need to do more, if they want to attract a young crowd.

‘We both talked about going back, if perhaps they arranged some events, concerts or similar’, she says.

Alba Ramirez Thorborg and Freja Olkjær inside Rosenborg Castle – Photo by Olivia Roman

Camilla Rathsach says the museum is trying to cater to a younger audience.

‘We hope to get a more diverse crowd, and this K7-ticket is a way to go. We are working on being a part of the festival again next year’, she says.

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