Royal celebrations in Copenhagen

By Marie Louise Gimm

Danish lifeguards at the royal palace. Photo by: Marie Louise Gimm

Less than two hours. That’s the travel time from London to Copenhagen by air. Here the cityscape is completely different from the current happenings in the english capitol. No mourning. No saluted guns. No postponed football games. However, a queen is topic of much attention.

Queen Margrethe of Denmark is now the longest-serving monarch in Europe. She just celebrated her 50th anniversary last weekend. And danish people care. By taking a stroll down the streets of Copenhagen you know. Royal tributes and royal souvenirs – even the most expensive danish hotel is decorated with a massive pink congratulations banner.

Karina Hansen, a 42-year-old danish woman out shopping, concurs. “I think she is one of the very few things that we can all more or less agree with and gather around. The queen and the football team” she says.

Looking forward royal expert, Lars Hovbakke Sørensen, predicts that the danish queen will attract more attention from abroad. “The fact that she is now the only reigning queen will make it even more important how she acts and in general do her job” he states. But Karina Hansen doesn’t worry. “She is doing an excellent job” she claims.  

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