Hundreds demonstrated for women’s rights in Copenhagen

March 8th is International Women’s day. That did not go unnoticed in Copenhagen, where people of all ages and genders showed up in Rådhuspladsen to listen to speeches and show their support for women’s rights.

By: Anna Sofie Grebe Østergaard and Sara Schwartz Wiman

Two of the people present for the demonstration were Betty My and Elly Wega. At only 11 years old, their eye-opener for women’s rights came a few years ago, and stemmed from how classmates of the opposite sex treated them.

“Boys in my class say provoking stuff all the time, like ‘I’m the man, go make me a sandwich’, and I hate that. I tell them that I don’t think it’s okay when they say that,” said Betty My.

Elly Wega and Betty My have been looking forward to going to the demonstration for a long time. Photo: Sara Schwartz Wiman

Standing on the other side of the square was Nadja Beck and Segvi Kurt. Even though they are a little older, they also have experiences of being treated differently because they’re women.

“In my job as a researcher, I feel like people don’t listen to me and don’t take me as seriously as they would if I were a man,” Nadja Beck said. 

Denmark is one of the most gender equal countries in the world. But the general opinion on Rådhuspladsen this March 8th seems to be that there still is more work to be done in order to reach equality on every level. 

A video from the demonstration.