From books to board games – the little protests

The subway stations of Copenhagen are blinking blue and yellow. Shop windows are decorated with hearts, the foreign ministry lights up, and at Kongens Nytorv hang folded hearts in blue and yellow. Everywhere, people are bringing attention to the war in Ukraine.

The board games

A slightly unexpected way in which the actions of Russia are being protested, is through a normal board game. Simon Konski and Jeppeh Olsen own a company where they create a game based on danish culture and jokes.

“Simon got the idea that we could encourage people to donate money by offering them a game in return. So we reached out to board game cafés all over Denmark and luckily all of them was keen to help set this up,” states Jeppeh.

“It still feels like just a little drop in the ocean. But it seems like a lot of other people and companies are making large donations as well so hopefully, in the grand scheme of things, all of these together will actually help people on the ground.”

One of the cafes in Copenhagen where you can get a game, in return for a however much money you feel like donating.

The book store

And even outside the city center, you will see traces of the small protests. North of Copenhagen, in a small international bookstore and cafe, the windows have been decorated with books in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

“It was a one of our regular costumers who came in and had the idea,” says Jenny Carey, who works in the bookstore, “You get surprised how many books of the same colors you have.”

Once again it’s a small thing, but Jenny Carey thinks there’s meaning in it anyways.

“It just lets people know we’re all thinking about them,” she says, “Even in the small ways.”