How happy is Copenhagen?

By Jess Johnson and Kara Yang

How the ‘happiest city’ supports members with mental health issues.

Denmark has been ranked as the second happiest country in the world for two years in a row, by the Gallup World Happiness Report. The country has earned this position through their reliable social support and solid education system.  

Copenhagen, the lively capital city, specifically attributes to the happy perception of the country as it is a beautiful place to live. However, despite the content culture, Nordic Welfare states that approximately 20% of adult Danes are experiencing mental health problems.  

Mental illnesses are unavoidable in almost all countries, but Margot Tjolle, a student in Denmark, believes is easy to get the necessary support in Copenhagen. She says there is a “very well-structured healthcare system to support people struggling mentally”, as doctors quickly suggest referrals for therapists and counsellors. She is very comfortable living in the city, as there is “no taboo” or stigmas surrounding around mental health. 

Furthermore, there are many social services available. Simone Della Chiesa is the leader of the ‘How to be Happier – Copenhagen’ support group, offering a safe space to listen to and council people. He states “80% of my Danish audience are open to receiving my help, whilst also supporting the other group members”.

The city has a cooperative atmosphere and culture, supporting it being a happy country.