Copenhagen’s Culture Box Club Raises Awareness and Money for Ukraine

Picture from Boiler Room

One of Copenhagen’s most historic clubs, Culture Box, played host on Wednesday night to a support party for Ukraine.

Culture Box are one of many clubs worldwide who are hosting events in their venues in support for Ukraine and charities working around the war in Eastern Europe.

Mia Dalby is the organiser of this event, she’s hoping that the event will have a positive impact in raising awareness, money and help for Ukraine.

“When the world face humanitarian disasters, I think everybody does their best to support and help in different ways with the means they have. It felt right and proper for us to set up a ‘Dance to Donate’ event specifically because we have the skills and knowledge to do just that.”

All artists, VJs, venue staff, security, and cleaning worked for free at the event.

The donations from the event were passed on to the Danish Red Cross, who will then use the money to help wherever they can in Ukraine.

By Greg Kennedy, Kevin Ruddy