After Shooting of 24-year old Man: Copenhagen Remains One of The Safest Capitals in The World

14 Sep. 2022

By Lyne Samury

“Incidents like that rarely happen in Copenhagen, so do not worry about it.” Mohammad Habibi, a local butcher in Frederikssundsvej said. “With the Police keeping control of everything, I have never felt more safe, but I am sad for my friend who was shot.”

A 24 year-old man was shot dead in front of his shisha shop, True Passion, in Copenhagen’s northwest quarter on Monday night by a man whose identity is still unknown.

Flowers, Candles, and Letters placed beside a picture of the man who was shot in front of his shop.
Photo By Nour Oude Brunink

“He was a good man of morals. I personally knew him as the shisha shop neighbor to my candy shop, but I do not know why this happened,” said Ali Nasser, owner of a candy shop in the area.

The Copenhagen Police have had an extensive investigation throughout the night, but are still open to hear from anyone who saw anything in connection with the shooting, said Deputy Police Inspector Knud Hvass, in a press release later.

A letter written by one of the victim’s friends. Photo By Noor Oude Brunink

Although In 2021 Copenhagen ranked as the highest in the safe cities index by the Economist Intelligence Unit, we have reported that local people in the area do not feel alert as they still hold on to the idea that Copenhagen remains one of the safest capitals even after the Field’s mall shooting.

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