Boumjimar‘s Orgy of Consumption opens in Copenhagen

By Vladimír Nezdařil

The exhibition of Karim Boumjimar, visual artist born in Málaga, is opening its doors in Copenhagen. Boumjimar’s queer, unpolished world is ready to swallow you whole, covered both in sensual and gross.

Orgy of Consumption: Vase. Photography by: Vladimír Nezdařil

„This is kind of like a showreel of Karim’s work. They mostly concentrate on performance art, but this exhibition is all of that captured into paintings and more,” says Emily Amalie Kornerup Jensen, the owner of the Spring Braettet6a gallery in Nørrebro, Copenhangen.

Karim Boumjimar is a visual artist born in Málaga. Boumjimar attended Central Saint Martins in London, currently they are finishing their master’s degree at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. In their art, the borders between performance and drawing lose their solidity. Boumjimar showcases memories and self-reflects, oftentimes in a parody-like context. In 2016, they made the headlines by allegedly removing their nipples to create jewelry with them.

Identity, social hierarchies, relationships and the tensions between culture and nature are some of the topics that Boumjimar explores. Their art is a documentation of their own experience, stuck halfway between fantasy and reality. Following their previous work, Orgy of Consumption is filled with entangled queer bodies in violent positions, creating a disturbing but seductive version of reality. A curious visitor can enter it at Spring Braettet6a until 15th of March.