CHART exhibition enlivens Tivoli amusement park

The different pieces of art are blended into the park. On the right side is “FIRST SPACESHIP ON VENUS” by Sylvie Fleury. Photo: Hanna Urfjell Pedersen

By: Hanna Urfjell Pedersen and Bente van Diepen

From the 24th of August to the 24th of September, visitors in the amusement park Tivoli in Copenhagen can experience a CHART exhibition. 

CHART is an event hosted every year in Copenhagen where Nordic artists can present their work. Recently they have started a partnership with Tivoli to bring the contemporary art out to the public. 

Last year was the first time that CHART had an exhibition in Tivoli, and the head of culture in Tivoli, Frederik Wiedemann, says that CHART will return to Tivoli every fall for the next two years. 

“Tivoli has a long tradition of integrating art into the Gardens, so we are excited about this collaboration with CHART, where guests can experience excellent contemporary art within Tivoli’s unique setting,” Wiedemann says. 

In total, there are 16 unique works of art across the park. If you follow the pieces around, you get to experience the park in a special way. The artists have created or selected their work with a consideration for the park’s many features.

Some of these artists are Sylvie Fleury from Switzerland and Harrison Pearce from the UK. Other artist comes from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Czech Republic and Iceland, so there is a wide range of nationalities represented.

Wiedemann has noticed that many of the park’s guests seem to enjoy the pieces around the park, both in detail and casually. However, he is not sure if the guests stumbled across it or knew about it before coming.

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