K7 is making young people flock to cultural offers

Julie Krog, one of the many young people visiting Glyptoteket during the K7 week.    Photo: Theis Nielsen

By Theis Nielsen and Leonidas Kaps

Funded by the Copenhagen Commune and the Spar Nord Fund, the cultural agency ADBC is throwing its fourth annual culture week known as K7. The nationwide initiative offers residents and visitors to the country free access to many of the most prestigious museums and cultural institutions it has to offer. Citizens under the age of 27 can register online and receive their K7 card, which this year will give them free access to over 170 museums and discounted admission to 15 theaters and music halls. According to its organizers, the initiative aims to invite young people into Danish cultural life: 

Visitors walking around Glyptoteket. Photo: Leonidas Kaps

“The price is often the decisive factor for young people who don’t partake in the many cultural offers the country has to offer. Therefore, K7 is an offer for young people to experience a form of culture they may not have participated in before.”, says Johannes Mandal, the communications director of the K7 week.

The initiative has proven to be a resounding success, with last year’s number of visitors doubling from 25.000 to over 50.000, the organizers are optimistic about this year’s numbers. Only two days into this year’s K7 week, more than 36.000 had already signed up. Julie Krog, a student from Copenhagen, is one of those people:

“I really like going to museums, but it’s not something I do very often. I think, as a student, museums can be pretty expensive, so when I can do it for free, you bet I’ll be taking advantage of it.”