City of Cyclists, Copenhagen. What can Hong Kong learn from?

By Wisha Limbu

Photo by Wisha Limbu

Proclaimed as the city of cyclists, Copenhagen is a city filled with bicycles. Compared to cities such as Hong Kong with little to no safety and infrastructure for cyclists, Copenhagen’s biking culture offers a lot for the asian city to learn from.

Here are three things Hong Kong can learn from Copenhagen’s biking culture. 

Separate lane for cyclists

The roads in Hong Kong are only reserved for people with vehicles, not for bicycles. In Copenhagen, a separate lane is reserved for cyclists. By having an exclusive lane for cyclists, this gives cyclists more security and also prevents potential accidents with motor vehicles.

Cycling safety behaviour and laws

According to The Bicycle Account 2022, 89% of Copenhageners claimed that they have not sustained any injuries or been in a traffic accident during the past two years. This can be accounted for by the cycling behaviours practised in Copenhagen such as using hand signals when stopping or turning, keeping to the right on the cycle track. 

Adequate bicycle parking and micro-mobility

A glance in Copenhagen is enough to tell you there are parking spaces for bicycles everywhere. It is essential for cyclists to have adequate parking for their cycles. Currently, 77% of Copenhageners were satisfied with the parking spaces at workplaces.