Will Copenhagen’s New Outdoor Service Mandate Change the Culture of What is Considered a Transnational city?

By Natalie Rocha and Oskar Hammer Sylvestersen

The Technical and Environmental Committee at City Hall has endorsed a proposal to prohibit outdoor dining from 10:00 pm on Sundays through Thursdays. This initiative hasn’t been set to have a start date but to better the lives of Copenhagen’s residents by assuring them a good and quiet night’s sleep according to the committee.

At the last city council meeting where they discussed the proposal, they stated the goal is “ to mitigate any noise nuisance before nuisance and complaints from residents arise.”

Exempt vs Mandated

However, the municipal committee plans to allow three distinct areas to refrain from the ordinance; the vibrant Meatpacking district, the scenic Nyhavn waterfront, and the charming historic Metropolitan area circling City Hall. 


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