How Eurovision impacts Malmö

by Elliot Claesson and Innes Taylor

The biggest music event is posing safety concerns. Politics concerning Eurovision will impact residents. 

Foto: Elliot Claesson. Malmö Arena, where Eurovision will take place.

The city of Malmö is set to host the Eurovision song contest this year for the first time since 2013, but unlike the previous occasions, this time there is a serious security threat. With protests expected over Israel’s participation in the competition, authorities have promised to vastly increase security levels.

The entire event is expected to cost 30 million sek, and will be funded by the city of Malmö.

Infographic: Innes Taylor. Source: Dagens Industri/ Malmö Stad.

Over 100,000 people are expected to visit Malmö in the lead up to the event. Therefore, normal people living and studying in and around Malmö will be impacted by the contest. Signe, 21 and Julia, 26 live in the student city of Lund, just outside of Malmö. 

I think it is fun that Eurovision is in Malmö this year, says Signe.

If they can pull this off it will make the image of Malmö more positive. It is also inline with Malmö being a culture city, says Julia.

Unless the threats turn into attacks, Eurovision will help Malmö gain a better reputation. But attending is always going to be a riskful.

I like Eurovision but I am not going to be there for it, says Signe.

Of course it is going to be scary with so many people in crowded places and the terror threats made. I am also not going to be in the city during the contest, says Julia.