After 5 years break: Distortion is once more to be found on Nørrebro 

Distortion takes place between May 29. to June 2. in different Copenhagen areas.

Written by Unn Madsen

After 5 years the residents at Nørrebro can look forward to a reunion with Distortion which is a festival that puts culture, art, and music together in the best urban Copenhagen way. Even though the residents are generally positive, the excitement level is different:

” It’s a bit noisy and messy, but well, some party in the streets is always cozy” tells Andreas Høegh age 63 who has not actively been a part of Distortion but have enjoyed following it from the sideline.

Sidsel Michelsen, age 25, has participated in Distortion before but not in her home region Nørrebro. She explains: ”It is so cool Distortion is back at Nørrebro then I just need to step down on the street instead of having to go down town.”

A new initiative for this year Distortion is to make it accessible to everyone. Whereas Distortion used to primarily target the party people and music lovers, this year Distortion will also provide activities for all ages to give Distortion a more inclusive city-celebration-vibe.

Sidsel Michelsen says about the change in style: ”I think it is a good idea because it could create a better atmosphere so it’s not just a party for the young or drunk, but something everyone takes part in and therefore has a positive attitude towards.”