Historic Copenhagen building on fire

A 400-year-old building in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, caught fire early this morning.

Børsen is neighbouring, amongst other things, the Danish Parliament building. Photo: Joakim Lundgren Tryk.

April 16, 2024, 08:36

By Joakim Lundgren Tryk

Børsen, a historic building in the heart of Copenhagen caught fire. The fire began seemingly at the building’s iconic dragon spear. It is unclear how the fire started.

Børsen, a 400-year-old budling, was under restoration when the fire started. The building is owned by Dansk Erhverv, one of Denmark’s largest business and employer organisations, and it houses offices and event spaces.

Børsen also houses many important art pieces, which people have been helping get out of the burning building all morning.

The spear has collapsed, and the fire has spread to more of the building. The fire department is trying to contain and put out the fire.

The people of Copenhagen are gathered all around the city centre and are following the development from the streets.

Updates… April 19, 2024, 13.30

It is still unknown, how the fire started. Copenhagen’s Police stated in a press release on Wednesday, the 17th, that they are working to find out why the fire started, but that it could take several months.

On Thursday, the 18th, the outer walls of the building collapsed.

The scaffolding surrounding the building that was put up due to its restoration is being cut down.

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