Your budget can look like this if you are student in Denmark.

By Paarnannguaq Nielsen

One country but so many different prices as student, as in the first article we mentioned that Denmark is one of the most expensive countries in Europe.

In several cities in Denmark, there may be different prices for dormitory rent, food, transport, and other things you use daily. And the last survey from Finance Denmark shows that the most students are having a hard time getting the finances together.

You can see under the article about prices as student in Aarhus that Aarhus University has made, also in Copenhagen where Study in Denmark Center has also made the same budget for students.

Here are the prices difference between Copenhagen and Aarhus:

Education SupportApprox 800€Education SupportApprox 800€
Food & Utilities300€Food & Utilities300€
Phone & Internet45€Phone & Internet45€
Local Transport40€Local Transport30€
Books & Study supplies25€Books & Study supplies25€
Other expenses200€Other expenses100€