Foreign Student’s travel expenses

By Matej Majka

For most of the foreign students studying in Copenhagen, keeping traveling costs down is essential. At the biggest university in the city, the University of Copenhagen, there are currently almost 4000 foreign students from all around the world. This number makes up more than 10% of all the enrolled students. And almost half of them are from different continents than Europe. This fact leaves most of them with only one traveling option – flying. That is also the most expensive one.

Flying In

From major European hubs like London, Paris, or Berlin, you can find some attractive one-way ticket prices to Copenhagen. In general, an average student can travel one way to Copenhagen for less than 100€.

These prices are subject to change, but what’s constant is the possibility of student discounts. Airlines like Ryanair, EasyJet, Norwegian Air, and others often offer reduced fares for students.

According to the University of Copenhagen, average monthly expenses for students are between 1280€ – 1800€. Therefore, if a European student wants to travel there and back from the home country once a month, it will cost on average 7% – 10% of the whole budget. That of course doesn’t count with travelling from and to the international airport, which can often be significantly more expensive.

Taking the Train

Some students studying in Copenhagen come from neighboring countries and close cities, from which they can travel by train as well. That may sound as if it meant cheaper traveling prices, but in reality, it is almost equally expensive as flying from further distances.

Again, student discounts may apply to all these routes, usually taking down up to 20% of the price.