Food system changers meet at Madland Festival in Copenhagen

by Lina Krauß & Zoë Daniëls

In a small yurt in Copenhagen’s Refshaleøen around 25 people met last Thursday to learn more about different ideas to make a difference in the food system. With the rain pattering on the roof, they listened to five people, who talk about their way of breaking the conventional food system. 

The event this afternoon is part of Madland Festival, a food festival which brings together farmers, producers and entrepreneurs. “It’s crucial that we meet across the food system to understand each other’s struggles, tell us how we work and how we can help each other,” says Marie Sainabou Jeng, founder and program director of Madland Festival.

It is the fifth time that the Madland Festival is taking place in Copenhagen. Credits: Zoë Daniëls

The program items in the five day festival have a strong focus on strengthening the relationship between rural areas and the city. But in general Madland has four main subjects they work on: green food, circular food and fair food. All of those areas are touched in the Festival in talks, study tours, farm visits, labs, dinners and a circular Friday Bar in Copenhagen and surroundings.

With the world premiere of the movie “Back to the Roots” Madland Festival leaves Denmark and shows a broader perspective on the food system. Food culture in Denmark and other European countries is inevitable connected to the global south. “So we also have to talk about climate justice and food sovereignty,” says Marie Sainabou Jeng. “This is a problem all over the world.”

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