Modernisation of Copenhagens inner city 

By Sigurd Damborg Bjørn 

With the recent burning of Børsens 400 year old building, the debate about the architecture within Copenhagen is once again up for debate. 

Many of the danish politicians, have throughout the process after the fire been out in the media expressing their desire to rebuild it in its original design. 

But what about all the new architecture throughout Copenhagen, could this not be an excuse to modernize even further? 

Many Copenhageneners have throughout the years voiced their concern in regards to the hypermodernisation that is happening in the Copenhagen City Centre. Buildings like Axel Towers, the newly established Cactus Towers and the highrises under construction in Postbyen, near the Central Station. 

Some of the Copenhageneners I spoke to on the street, were adamant that Børsen should be rebuild in the same format and before, but also welcomed some of the new innovative solutions: 

“I think it would be sad if we did not rebuild Børsen as it was, it’s a well known sight for most of Copenhageneners” 

Some also pointed to the debate about all the different new architecture in Copenhagen, for instance the Cactus Towers by Bjarke Ingels as an example. 

Kasper Mikkelsen, who cycles by everyday to work, put it it this way: 

“They are a source of a lot of debate, and whether you like them or not, they are now a part of the Copenhagen city scape, and they seem to attract a lot of attention, which I overall think is good for Copenhagen as a city.” 

How and when the Børsen building that burned down this week is gonna be rebuild, is still up for debate.