Impeached Politician Succeeds in Poll with New Party

By Sigurd Skjoldaa Kempf and Sofie Rønnelund / Monday, September 19th, 2022

The next Danish general election is only weeks away.

Right-wing politician Inger Støjberg and her new party, Denmark’s Democrats, soar in the latest poll by Epinion. Although polls can be uncertain, the rise of the party is undeniable. 

(Infographics: Sofie Rønnelund)

This is unfolding despite Støjberg’s recent impeachment following her illegal instruction to separate asylum-seeking couples entering Denmark.

Political editor at Avisen Danmark, Casper Dall, explains:

“Støjberg is a political superbrand. Many people sympathize with her immigration policy which through many years has been branded as being strong – and still is.”

Tårnby is the place in Copenhagen with the most recent voters of the Danish People’s Party. A party where voters can be expected to turn to Støjberg, confirms Dall.

Not everyone is a fan – but not specifically because of her impeachment. 

“I never liked her. It has nothing to do with the impeachment, and it won’t surprise me if she succeeds with her new party,” says retiree Lise Sørensen.

Lise Sørensen, 77 y/o from Tårnby getting a beer at the local pub. (Photo: Sofie Rønnelund)