Leave your car and grab your bike – Car-free Sunday on main street in Gladsaxe

Some locals hadn’t heard about some of the events going on. What do locals think about the initiative? Video by Olivia Roman and Anton Dahl Andersen

The municipality of Gladsaxe in Copenhagen is having a ‘car-free Sunday’ on Sunday the 18th. There will be events for pedestrians and cyclists on one of the main streets in the area, where locals are told not to use their cars.

By Anton Dahl Andersen and Olivia Roman

Car-free Sundays are not a new thing in Denmark. They were introduced nationwide in the 1970’s to combat rising oil and gas prices. Now they’re back in the municipality of Gladsaxe in the greater Copenhagen area. At least for a day.

`We want locals to think about transportation and how we can create a more sustainable war of traveling here and on a global scale’, says Trine Henriksen, chairman of Det Grønne Råd (The Green Council) and a member of the city council for Enhedslisten and one of the main organizers behind the event.

Locals can go to the town square from 10 o’clock, where the municipality is serving snacks and drinks. The car-free day will end at around 2 o’clock with a political debate regarding the local transportation policies.

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