Copenhagen’s surge in electric cars gives hope for carbon neutrality target

By Salma El Ashmawy

Photo: Salma El Ashmawy. Electric cars charging in Copenhagen in front of Steel House Hostel

After renouncing its ambitions to become carbon neutral by 2025, Copenhagen is on the verge of becoming dependent on electric cars.

The rise in electric cars is becoming more visible within the city of Copenhagen. With more charging plugs on the streets, the Municipality has been excessively accommodating the needs of electric car users by implementing new charging infrastructure plans.

Kåre Albrechtsen, Head of Sustainable Transport Section at Copenhagen Electric, says the municipality of Copenhagen is making it cheaper and easier to park electric cars. For example, by simply visiting, citizens would get an overview of available electric cars and the nearest charging station. 

“There has been also a lot of cooperation between the municipality and other companies to make them use electric cars” expressed Albrechtsen.

According to Danmarks Statistik, the amount of new electric cars and plug-in hybrids has witnessed a tremendous increase since 2021 as well with a total growth of 65.5% within the previous 12 months. (Danmarks Statistik, 2022).

Correspondingly, around 5,000 petrol and diesel parking spots in Copenhagen are going to be replaced by electric vehicle charging spaces within the next three years; showing citizens the need for a greener environment.