Mexican Festival attracts internationals at the heart of Copenhagen

By Salma El Ashmawy

Photo: Chelsea Al Arif

Hundreds of people gathered in celebration for the fifth edition of the Mexican Festival in Blågårdsplads, Copenhagen on Saturday, 17th September.

The annual Mexican Cultural Festival has been taking place since 2018 in Copenhagen where people of different backgrounds and ages come to celebrate Mexican traditions. 

A cultural exchange that integrates all people and enriches their background knowledge on Mexican culture, traditions, and values.

The festival offers a nice atmosphere for families and friends to come and dance to conventional music like salsa dancing and eat the widely known and delicious Burritos and tacos. “I really, really liked it. It was so cheerful and happy.

It was like one big happy bubble”, said Lotte van Galen, international exchange student from the Netherlands.

The carnival was also surrounded by different booths that displayed a wide variety of Mexican souvenirs and handmade textiles; from smaller items like finely crafted jewelry to bigger ones such as colorful woven blankets and intricate embroidery bags.