Money in return for your pizza boxes? Could be, in Copenhagen next year

When it comes to deposit on packing material, Scandinavian countries lead the way already. Besides just bottles and beer crates, you are expected to hand in your used cans as well. Denmark’s capitol Copenhagen wants to do more, at least if it is up to their mayor, Sophie Hæstorp Andersen. In 2023, Andersen wants to start with deposit on packing material from take-away food and drinks as well. 

By Jorik Simonides

From next year on you need to bring back your used pizza boxes or coffee cups before you get your money back. It needs to reduce the amount of packaging waste. In the first place as a three-year during experiment in Kødbyen, a district in the city with a lot of restaurants and bars. On the long-term, Andersen hopes to spread the new deposit system all over the country. 

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At this coffee shop in Kødbyen, it could be necessary to bring back your used disposable cups from next year on. Photo: Jorik Simonides

Support in the branch

Bars and restaurants are not obliged to participate in the trial period, but a lot of them seems to support it. Branch organization Horesta responded positive on the proposal, on some conditions, milieu manager Mikal Holt Jensen says: “We need to make sure that the quality of the packaging is in order, with consideration on the food safety. Furthermore, this trial cannot be a financial burden for the entrepreneurs.”

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