Copenhagen festival honoring historical women

By Thea Charlotte Landsverk and Katarine Spisakova

The golden days festival is an annual festival in Copenhagen. This years theme is all about historic and influential women. During the first two weeks of September, exhibitions, performances, roundtours and movies are offered to anyone who wants to attend as a part of the event. It´s purpose being for people of all ages to access art and science that convey information, awareness and cultural experiences. 

50 queens exhibition in Kongens Nytorv, Photo: Thea Charlotte Landsverk

The main exhibition is installed in Kongens Nytorv, meaning the Kings Square, renamed the Queens Square for this occasion. The “50 queens” show 50 white cubes in a circle. Each cube holds a name tag of women who has made an impact on todays world. The nametags show a QR code allowing the audience to easily access more information about the Queens, who they are and what they have done and achieved. 

Every year the festival conveys culturehistory under one special topic. This year, through several different events, the festival is honoring women who throughout history has had an impact on today´s society. Other events include movies made of and by women. Walks around the city, such as in Fredriksberg Cemetary, telling the story of the females who´s gravestone says “beloved wife” instead of their name. In addition: talks and performances about art, feminism, and the role of women throughout history.