Copenhagen hosting Nordic AI Meet 2023 – game changer for researchers in The Nordics.

The Conference will take place on 2-3 October in Copenhagen, attended by early-stage researchers, PhD students and Postdocs providing an annual meet-up for addressing the interdisciplinary applications of AI in the Nordics. It is co-organized by the Pioneer Centre for Artificial Intelligence along with the Norwegian Artificial Research Consortium (NORA).

Mogens Blicher Bjerregård, President of the European Federation of Journalists. Photo: Aspasia Falki

Few days ago, Henry Kissinger, published an article about AI and the new ChatGTP Model, addressing the dangers its continuously growing immersive power has on human understanding due to the vast amount of information generated without any explanation of the process followed.

The fear that the human presence will become eventually unneeded is widespread in professions where deep-learning models are perfectly capable to operate without the human element included. One of the most potentially affected professions is journalism. Mogens Bjerregård, President of the European Federation of Journalists, argues that journalists should benefit from AI’s capabilities in research of information, but that is crucial to continue writing their stories themselves. “If you are smart you can benefit from this and make better stories, if you are lazy, you will use AI to just get over with it.

Educating in AI is very important, not only to know about what artificial intelligence is and how you can use it for, but also deepen more into the ethical part of it.”

The debate concerning AI has now been focusing more on the ethics regarding its rampant use. The Nordic AI Meet is a meeting point of discussion about the research in AI, but also the consequences of AI application in natural and social sciences.

The President of the European Federation of Journalists talks about the AI’s application on Journalism.

By Aspasia Falki

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