A Polish Woman “Copenfluencing”

By Laetithia Harb & Sophia Roth

Martyna in her element – taking photos in a café in Copenhagen. © Martyna Przybyla

Photos of the latest scandi-style clothes and accessories, boujee food and beverages, and aesthetic design items – all shot against the backdrop of Copenhagen. Martyna Przybyla, who goes by @skandim on Instagram and TikTok, shares the sweet things of life on her social media platforms. But more than being a guide to the Danish capital, she has a bigger story to tell.

Born and raised in Poland, Martyna moved to Denmark in 2020 to pursue a degree in design and business. She had always wanted to live abroad and felt inspired by Danish design and the programmes offered. “Moving during the pandemic was hard because there was not a lot of socialising happening,” she remembers.

After finishing her studies last year, Martyna decided to stay in Denmark and move to Copenhagen to gain work experience. She found a job with a Danish jewellery brand, which allowed her to attend Copenhagen Fashion Week. Besides that, she creates her own content on social media – sometimes for a couple of hours after work, mostly on the weekends.

“I’m still working on developing my personal style,” Martyna admits. She is inspired by Scandinavian fashion and started out with simple and timeless outfits. “Now I experiment more and add pops of colour.” She tries to shop more sustainably, mainly buying clothes at thrift stores and flea markets.

In the future, Martyna would like to focus on building a career in brand design, continue sharing her story of living in Copenhagen as a foreigner, and maybe be self-employed one day. “I really hope to encourage people to follow their dreams.”