Copenhagen’s hidden treasures

Written by: Mara-Andreea Mariș and Lisette van den Brink

Many may have walked around Knippelsbro in Copenhagen. It’s a well-known bridge. Used every day to commute to work or go home. Little do people know, one of the copper-clad bridge towers has a little surprise. But the future contains more…

The Tower seen from under the bridge. Picture taken by Mara-Andreea Mariș

Culture tower

Kulturtårnet is located in one of the towers. It’s a small cultural institution in one of the two copper-clad bridge towers on Knippelsbro in Copenhagen. Kulturtårnet translates to the culture tower. They focus on exhibitions, talks, radio cinemas, gastronomic events, and other cultural events. Lars Lyndgaard Schmidt is the founder of Kulturtårnet. “Culture is a wide thing, it’s this ideology of bringing people together. We as people, we all want that. Since I got into sociology studies it kind of became my thing – bringing people together.” 

Future project

“A part of the National Bank, the big building just across the bridge and the tower, is going to be empty. We are applying to do the same thing in 3000 square meters.” Lars says. The building is empty now, and the staff of the bank will move to Nyhavn. “I’m putting up this big project to gather the people I know in the culture sector. It’s not just culture, it’s also how you think in the organization. You try to build a wire of organizations so there’s not only one boss, everyone is the boss.” The building is going to be renovated. “We’re planning to renovate with respect for the architect who built it, Arne Jacobsen. Hopefully, the project will be finished in 2028.” Says a statement on their Instagram.

“If you’re doing something for human beings, you always win. This is not about money. Culture is a small segment, but a very important one for the future. Culture is as important as getting food.”